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How long will it take and how much will it cost?

We take great care in giving our customers an accurate estimation of how long your assembly will take, however, we cannot guarantee that these times are definite.

For an estimate of how long we expect to takeA�assembling your products and how much it will cost please see our 'Items/Pricing' page. Most items take between 25 minutes to one hour depending on the product.

Do I need to provide anyA�equipment?

We bring all of our own tools and equipment that we require to assemble furniture so you wona��t need to provide us with any of these things.

What happens if an item is damaged or parts missing when I open my item?

Whilst Assemble It is an extremely high quality service and we are sure there will be no problems with damaged items we do recognise that accidents sometimes happen.

If our installers damage your item through negligent actions Assemble It will make every effort to replace your item with the retailers and assemble the new one at no extra cost to yourself.

If the damage is as a result of the manufacturers fault or negligence then Assemble It will accept no liability for the damage to the product or the resulting damage. Assemble It will however provide you with an 'Inspection Form' with our findings on to show to the retailer and will assist you as far as we are reasonably able to in getting a replacement item.A�

If parts are missing, then, depending on the retailer you purchased it from and their returns/exchange policy, you should contact the retailer directly and arrange for the missing part/damaged item to be sent out or exchanged. Assemble It can tell you exactly what part is missing with our a�?Parts Forma�� to make it easier when talking to the retailer.

The installer from Assemble It may still beA�ableA�to assemble your flat pack furniture if we have a spare screw or nail that matches the missing ones as all our fitters carry spare parts, however, these spare parts are limited and we cannotA�guaranteeA�they will have the exact part required. We do not have spare parts of the furniture itself though so if this is missing youA�willA�need to get this from the retailer before Assemble It can finish your product.

Will you dispose of the packaging?

Unfortunately Assemble It cannot dispose of the packaging from your flat pack furniture, however, all our members of staff are happy to help flatten the packaging down so its easier for you to dispose of yourself.

How do I pay?

Payment is to be made to the Assemble It member of staff after completing the work required. We accept cash, cheques and Debit or credit card for payments. Please note that if paying by credit card there will be an additional A?1.50 charge.

What happens if I live in a parking restricted area?

If parking isA�restrictedA�where you live please let us know on booking where is best to park. If you have to pay to park where you live then you may have to re-emburse the installer directly for this cost.A�

How do I make a booking?

To make a bookingA�simply go to our long time sex tables, price of cialis 5mg. booking page and select a date and time that suits you. You will then be asked to fill in our short booking form and someone from Assemble It will be in touch to discuss your booking.

You can elso email us atA��

AlternativelyA�contact us on 01778 305020, 07549999038 or 07549999034 to make a booking.