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Our Flexibility
Assemble It is very flexible- We are confident we will be able to come to your property at your preferred time as we work every day including evenings and weekends.

Most clients want to know how long we are likely to take and we will try to estimate this when we have received your booking, however, for a rough estimation take a look at our pricing page.

When we arrive at your house you will know it is us as all our Installers will have an 'AssembleA�It' ID Card with them. If you would like to see a copy of this before they arrive then let us know and we can send it to you. Alternatively we are able to let you know who the Installer will be.

What do we ask for?
We bring all of our own tools and equipment that we require to assemble furniture so you wona��t need to provide us with any of these things.

We do ask that someone over the age of 18 is present at all times whilst the installer is at the property. PleaseA�bear this in mind when making the booking.

We ask all Customers to check the boxed items to ensure that all the items areA�present and not damaged. We will find it difficult to assemble your product if all the parts are not present, so if you can, please do check before weA�arrive. If a major part is missing or damaged we may not be able to assemble it at all and you may beA�charged for our time.

We do have spare screws and nails but these are limited and weA�cannotA�guarantee we will have a spare part to fit your product. If we do not have a spare part that you need then we can fill in a 'Parts Form' that will explain to the retailer what wasA�missingA�from your item. When you have it we are happy to return and finish the assembly at a small cost.

How can you pay us?
We accept cash,A�cheques and Debit or credit card for payments. Please note that if paying by credit card there will be an additional A?1.50 charge.

We always ask for your feedback! .

Assemble It are always keen to hear how your experience of our service was. After you have used our service we will leave a Feedback Form with you. We provide a stamped self addressed envelope for you to return this to us. We are continually looking for ways to improve our service so any feedback you have for us is invaluable!

Anything else I should know?
Assemble It are very conscious of providing anA�excellentA�after care service. If something goes wrong with your product after we have assembled it please give us a ring. We will send an installer out to inspect it. If the problem is a result of our negligence we will either re assemble the product at no extra cost to yourselves or if this is not possible we will negotiate with the manufacturer or retailer on your behalf for a new product.